Lukas de Ruiter - Chairman

Hey I am Lukas, and I’ll be your new enthousiast chair for this year! I am 21 years old, and study at UvA. currently I am in my third year of Future Planet Studies. Besides my studies, I like to make music with my band and tinker on my bike every now and then. Hit me up if you need any service 😉 !

In my mind, modern society has lost its footing in ways and might need some revaluation. We are free to consume, move around, develop and enjoy ourselves. Society has grown and progressed, but also became more complex. It’s easy to lose ourselves in this complexity: Who values what? What determines happiness? What’s the value of good health or good food? What do we spend our money on or invest in, and what do we eventually take for granted? Maybe environmental sustainability…?

My main reason for joining SFSA was to find a way to be more practically active with the same subject of my studies. Whilst I enjoy FPS, studying itself seems a little boring at times, SFSA offered exactly that, and I’ve been having lots fun with it.

Spinning a serving tray.

“I’ll just wait for Elon Musk to take me to mars, we’ll start over.”

Elina Moens - Secretary
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Lotta Lavonen - Member Coordinator

I am Lotta from Finland. I came to Amsterdam a year ago for my studies in Political Science at the UvA. I am always up for experiencing new things and I love challenges. I enjoy spending my free time on sports and with friends and my newest hobby is trying to learn some Dutch. I became interested about the climate at a quite a young age and I think it is one of the most crucial things in our society. Yet making concrete change is often made to sound frustratingly difficult especially in politics where my study focuses on. But I don’t think it needs to be that way and I want to see change happening where we are also made believe that we can actually do something and not just keep pushing the decisions back for future generations.

Everything we are surrounded by, everything we spend our lives working on and studying so hard for are at the risk of fading away if no real change is made. We as humans are most dependent on the planet we walk on that there is no other chance to even try.

I wanted to do start doing more concrete things for the climate apart from recycling and other every day life choices. For a long time I hade this frustration, shared with many of my friends, that there are so many things which would need improvement but I was not really sure what I could do. Coming to Amsterdam made me even more determinant of doing something since here I was less surrounded by nature and it was easier to see struggles with recycling and how little space there is left for nature. So I started to ask around and heard about SFSA from a lovely friend. Sometimes solutions are more difficult than talking about the problems and I think SFSA is doing a great job in making the practical information assessable and trying to help other students being part of the change too while making it fun and a way to connect with other like minded people. Therefore, I am very excited of the coming year and cannot wait to see you at our events!!

I can brush my teeth just as well with my left and right hand.

“But isn’t it only nice when everything is warmer if it even happens, who wouldn’t want 30 degrees around the year?”

Naomi Vermeulen - Treasurer

I am a Future Planet Study (beta track) student at the UvA. My main interest is sustainable agriculture and looking for lovely green places in the city. I don’t want to flee the city to relax in nature, and I don’t think we have to.

Because for me, nothing makes more sense than taking care of the planet that provides us with food, water, oxygen and so much more great things.

SFSA is a lovely community, and together it is much easier and more fun to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Being able to carry plenty of things at the same time so I don’t have to walk twice.

“We just need to be able to live a nice life.” – Mark Rutte

Maurits Jansen - Communications

Hey! I am Maurits, 22 years old and student Cultural Information Studies at the UvA. I work as a bartender and do some voluntary work at an institution for art and media-technology. Everything to do with innovation and change excites me (with climate change being an exception to the rule…) In my free time, I’m usually listening to/making music.

Companies are getting away with their environmentally irresponsible activities, while they are the biggest contributors to climate change. Without people being aware of this and standing up to it, things won’t change and we will only move away further from home.

Most of all to get in touch with like-minded students and sustainable initiatives. I wasn’t familiar with SFSA before this year, but I absolutely love how much interesting people it has already brought me in contact with. By becoming a board member, I want to make my contribution towards raising awareness concerning sustainability.

Dislocating my shoulder blade.

“But power plants are plants too right?”