Green Career Days

At 13 and 14 May 2020, we organized the Green Career Days in cooperation with the UvA Green Office. 

On the first day, we had three speakers from sustainable companies (Taste Before You Waste, Metabolic and Urgenda) and on the second day we had four speakers (Green Giraffe, VVM, PBL and TheRockGroup). Both days were hosted on Zoom, and on Friday the 15th we published our Green Career Day Booklet with a whole lot of other sustainable companies for students.

Below, you can find the booklet and the links to watch the whole event. 

The booklet

We’ve created a booklet, which compiles all the companies and organizations that participated, and many more. The aim of the booklet is to give students and recent graduates an entry point into the sustainability job market.

Green Career Days Booklet 2020

The talks

All talks on both days have been recorded and can be watched below:

Talks from the first day: 

Talks from the second day: