Insta Live on Sustainable Fashion

At the 22nd of April, we held our very first virtual event ever! We originally planned to show ‘The True Cost’ followed by a panel discussion on sustainable fashion, but that event has been canceled due to Covid-19. Fortunately, three amazing speakers were willing to continue the event in a different form: on Instagram Live!

The first speaker, Stephanie van Sigtenhorst of Lets Talk Slow, told us how to treat our clothes in order to make them last longer. The second speaker, Nanette Hogervorst of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card, explained the way this brandnew gift card works and also what we should think of the transparency index published during the fashion revolution week. Our last speaker was Noor Veenhoven of Project Cece, who had worked together with us before during the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week and she talked about the impact of the corona virus on workers in the fashion industry. 

You can watch the whole talk in the YouTube-video above.