What we do

Helping the environment and sustaining the world with a healthy and green diet is something you can do every day. The goal of the Food Committee is to show that having a sustainable diet, doesn’t have to be hard and expensive and that it is very delicious! This is mainly done by the weekly recipes posted on Instagram. The members is also working on a cookbook with easy vegan, local and seasonal recipes. In addition, this committee will be responsible for the food at events and will also organize their own events, eg cooking workshops and city farms visits. 

Through these activities, students develop their organizational skills and build connections in the sustainable food field while working in an exciting, team-work focused environment. Thereby, they will gain additional knowledge about what a healthy and sustainable diet details. 

We are constantly looking for relevant happenings and brainstorming about future events and recipes, so as a member, you get to throw all of your creativity in.

Apply for the Food Committee: