Greendocs 3: Climate scepticism – 22/04/2021

On the 22nd of April, we had a Greendocs all about climate scepticism. Discussing climate change proves difficult, as it is a large and complex issue. It is easy to get lost in the plurality of implications, interactions and opinions. So what if your opinions differ? How do you find common ground between the many different people and companies on such a general matter?

Firstly, we all watched Al Gore’s documentary: An Inconvenient Sequel: From Truth to Power, to get familiar with the subject. During the event we talked about climate scepticism in our modern world; what is it exactly? Where does it manifest itself? Why is it problem? And where does it come from? We tried to answer these questions, and had a discussion about it as well with the participants of the night.

Moreover, Max Kloosterman from Klimaatgesprekken joined us and gave a workshop on “How you should communicate the climate change problem with friends, family and sceptics!”. This was very successful, as we learned some new skills on how to have a good and pleasant conversation, even when you do not agree with the other person. Listening is key, and after that, you can go and explain how you feel about the subject, and why.

Thanks to everyone who joined and made the workshop possible!