Greendocs 2: Sustainably Stylish – 25/02/2021

The second Greendocs was the first online campaign, a month that focused on sustainable fashion (Fashion February). In this month, we posted several tips every week about where to buy your clothes and about sustainable brands. See our Instagram if you’re interested in this!

In these posts we talk about challenges and developments in the fashion industry, why you should and how you can as a consumer play an active role in the transition to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry, how you can adjust your wardrobe to this and what alternatives there are to unethical and unsustainable clothing (brands).

At the end of this month, on the 25th of February, we organized the Greendocs together with Solidaridad (a humanitarian organization which focuses on equity and sustainability within various large sectors like the fashion industry). With a lot of enthusiasm, they told us all about their endeavours and experiences, and how we can get engaged, which was very interesting! Moreover, we watched some short films about fast fashion and had a discussion on whether, and if so how, we take sustainability into account when buying clothes. We learned a lot and want to thank everyone who joined!