Greendocs: World of thirst – 02/12/2020

On December 2nd we had our first Greendocs! It was a success and we learned some cool things around the subject Water crisis.

We first had an interview with Sam Vartek, a documentary filmmaker who made the award-winning documentary “Blue Gold: World Water Wars”.

We showed the short movie Scenes of a dry city, which is about Cape Town and how it is facing a water shortage due to the persistent drought in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The level in the city’s reservoirs is steadily falling, and tight restrictions on water usage are in place. There are fears of a “Day Zero,” when the water supply will be turned off. “We can no longer ask people to stop wasting water, we now have to force them,” says the city’s mayor. After this, we had a panel discussion about this subject and about what exactly is the water problem and what we could and should do be doing about it.

Furthermore, Paul Vriend gave a seminar about his experiences with water management and sustainability!