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Are you passionate about sustainability and want to make a change? So do we! Our committees are always looking for enthusiastic people with fresh ideas.

At SFSA, we aim to make the world a greener place by organizing events and spreading awareness concerning sustainability. As we are an independent student organization – not bound to any university or study in specific – students from any city, university/school or study-level can become a member.

With sustainability being the large, overarching term that it is, we find it very important that you’re passionate about what you do. Meaning, when you become a member of one of our committees, we want to give you the freedom to focus on what interests you most – whether it be looking for partnerships with sustainable initiatives, writing about the hottest mindful munchies or making photos (or even aftermovies) of our events.

Get to know our committees below, and apply through the form.

GreenDocs Committee 

Three times a year, we host a ‘GreenDocs’ event. As a member of this committee, you will help in finding a location, selecting a topic and relevant documentary and in finding an expert to lead the discussion. Through this, you’ll get a lot of organizational experience, expand your network and get a first-hand experience of the many different professions and initiatives within the sustainability sector. 

Events Committee 

Apart from the GreenDocs, we organize many other kind of events. Ranging from workshops and pub quizzes to a collaborative winter-fair this December, for example. As this committee is not bound to a certain kind of event, great ideas are always welcome – members have all the freedom for their own creative input. As a part of this committee, you’ll get in touch with many sustainable initiatives and organizations while meeting like-minded people, and getting hands-on experience in organizing events. 

Content Committee
Are you into sustainability and love to write, design or make other forms of content? Then the Creative Content Committee is looking for you! We are all about spreading the word of our community, our activities and our plans for the future. As a member, you’ll get the freedom to focus on the form of content you like most (blogposts/social-media posts/videos/etc.) as well as the topics within sustainability you like most.

Food Committee
Helping the environment and sustaining the world with a healthy and green diet is something you can do every day. This committee shares delicious plant-based, local and seasonal recipes weekly which will be included in our cookbook to show you that it doesn’t have to be hard and expensive. In addition, we want you to create more consciousness about the production process by organizing farm visits, workshops and tastings.

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If you’d rather not join a specific committee, you can also simply join as a general member. Either way, please don’t forget the membership fee 🙂 

Price: $ 10.00
Transfer your membership fee to NL72 TRIO 0254 8118 25 and don't forget to write your name!