Join Us!

If you’re a student and interested in sustainability, you’re very welcome to join us and become a member! 

For €10 per year, you can become a member of SFSA. For once only, we have a half-year rate which is €5 for the period February 2020 – August 2020. Becoming a member means: 

  • Free access to the Greendocs (which is €2.50 for students that aren’t members and €5 for non-students)
    • Free access or a discount on other events. 
    • Priority for attending events with a small amount of tickets.
    • Exclusive member drinks once every two months. 
    • And, of course, our wonderful newsletter! 🙂 

    If you want to become a member, please email our member coordinator Marloes. She will contact you about registering. 

    If you don’t want to become a member, but do want to stay informed, you can subscribe for our regular newsletter below (this is not the member newsletter!). Please tell us in the subscription form if you’re a former (board)member, so we can keep you informed about reunions. 

    Yes, I want to organise sustainable events!

    To help us organise more events this academic year, we’re looking for enthusiastic members to help organise the Greendocs and the Green Festival we’re planning at the end of the year. 


    During the Greendocs, we always show a documentary on a sustainable topic, followed by a panel discussion among several experts. To organise the Greendocs, you’ll have to choose a topic and documentary, find experts to participate at the discussion and arrange for a location (normally, we always organise the Greendocs at CREA, so this won’t be a difficult task). This committee will cost you around 2 hours a week. 

    Green Festival

    We’re trying to organise a small, sustainable festival at the end of the academic year and every helping hand is more than welcome! Since no arrangements have yet been made, you can bring in your own ideas 🙂 This committee will cost you around 3-4 hours a week, but it will probably differ every month.

    If you’re interested in one of the committees, please contact our member coordinator Marloes to let her know. 

    Yes, I want to become a member!

    Please send an email to Marloes, our member coordinator 

    Yes, I want to receive your newsletter!

    This form is for everyone that doesn’t want to become a member but does want to stay up-to-date about SFSA. This newsletter is different from the newsletter that we send to our members, so members do not have to sign up for this list. 

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