“VVM is the network of environmental professionals. Up-and-coming sustainable talent and experienced forces in the environmental field meet each other here. The nearly 1250 members make easy contact in one of the 20 sections on themes such as biodiversity, climate & energy and water. All students and starters within the VVM gather in the Young section.”

Members of VVM can attend all activities for free, receive their magazine and look for a mentor within the network; useful when finding an internship or (orienting on) your future job.

Want to become a member of VVM? With SFSA this is possible with a discount! Instead of 40 euros per year, you pay only 20 euros per year and the other 20 euros goes to SFSA. Go to the website and enter our promotion code: SFSAVVM

More information: VVM website 


Email: bureau@vvm.info

Tel: 030 232 29 89


Hi! My name is Lukas de Ruiter and besides being chair of SFSA I am also this year’s VVM ambassador. At VVM I am part of the VVM section on environmental ethics and the ambassadors’ group, or the “youth section”. In the section on environmental ethics, I helped organize a workshop at the National environment day VVM hosted in June about the value transition needed to secure a sustainable future society. See their website for more information on the National environment day. On top of that, I am now working with Marie- Thérèse and the SvM secretary to organize an upcoming career day, which will take place the 14th of September next year. We’ll be hosting a diverse set of companies and recruiters. The event is free of charge and a good opportunity to orient yourself on sustainable career opportunities and expand your network. Again, check out their website for more information.
In the youth section I worked with other ambassadors to figure out ways to best promote VVM amongst our networks and schedule interesting events for students to attend. VVM boasts an amazing collection of knowledge and expertise. Connecting students to the VVM network offers great opportunities for collaboration to better bridge the gap between education and professional development.

Want to know more? be sure to have a browse on the VVM website, and don’t hasitate to reach out to me on my email address or linkedIn.

Email: lukasmaxderuiter@outlook.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukas-de-ruiter-609507200/