Greendocs 1: World of thirst – 02/12/2020

On December 2nd we had our first Greendocs! It was a success and we learned some cool things around the subject Water crisis.

We first had an interview with Sam Vartek, a documentary filmmaker who made the award-winning documentary “Blue Gold: World Water Wars”. Moreover, we showed a short movie and had a discussion, and a seminar by Paul Vriend!

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Spectrum Careerday – 03/12/2020

On December 3rd , we cohosted a career day with Spectrum, GAOS and the IIS. We had a very interesting speaker and several cool workshops. We thank everyone who helped out and joined!

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Greendocs 2: Sustainably Stylish – 25/02/2021

The second Greendocs was the first online campaign, a month that focused on sustainable fashion (Fashion February). In this month, we posted several tips every week about where to buy your clothes and about sustainable brands. At the end of this month, on the 25th of February, we organized the Greendocs together with Solidaridad (a humanitarian organization which focuses on equity and sustainability within various large sectors like the fashion industry). They told us all about their endeavours and experiences, and how we can get engaged.

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Greendocs 3: Climate scepticism – 22/04/2021

On the 22nd of April, we had a Greendocs all about climate scepticism. Discussing climate change proves difficult, as it is a large and complex issue. In advance, we watched Al Gore’s documentary: An Inconvenient Sequel: From Truth to Power, to get familiar with the subject. We also had a panel discussion and Max Kloosterman from Klimaatgesprekken gave us a very interesting workshop on how you can have a conversation around climate change, in an efficient and pleasant way!

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SFSA Offline – 29/06/2021

On June 29th, we had our last (and first offline) event, and we had a really great night! We had drinks and vegan snacks, a presentation about SFSA and sustainable travelling, a pubquiz by the Vegan committee and lots of fun!

We want to thank everyone who joined this night. We are very thankful to end our year this way and are glad to have finally met some of you!

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Vegan committee – 2021

Last, but certainly not least, this year we have set up the Vegan committee! This committee is responsible for posting a vegan recipe on our Instagram every week. Helping the environment and sustaining the world with a healthy and green diet is something you can do every day, and our goal is to make this a little easier for you!

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