SFSA Offline event – 29/06/2021

On June 29th, we had our last (and first offline) event, and we had a really great night! We started out with some snacks and beers and welcoming everyone, which we followed up with an opening presentation. As a board, we elaborated a little on what we’ve done this year and on our collaborations. Afterwards, we gave a presentation about how to make your holiday more sustainable, and lastly, we had a pubquiz! The pubquiz was organized by the vegan committee, so it was mostly centred around vegan/sustainable food, but also other sustainable subjects were addressed. The winner also got a sustainable price! We ended the night with more drinks and vegan snacks.

We want to thank everyone who joined this night. We are very thankful to end our year this way and are glad to have finally met some of you!